• Florencia Labella

    Office Manager

  • Gonzalo Torres

    Rising Star

  • Jorge Marseillan


  • Robert W. Crawford

    VP of Sales


  • Oscar Kraft

    Non Executive Director

  • Caroline

    #1 Fan

Our company was established in 1988. We take pride when we say we are pioneers of Dulce de Leche in the US and that we’ve been doing it for more than 25 years!

Since most of us are originally from Argentina, we are passionate about Dulce de Leche and the tradition it comes with. It is in us to make the best Dulce de Leche in the US, the only genuine in the country. Our team thrives on making the healthiest and tastiest product with local ingredients. This Matters to us because it matters to you.

It is fulfilling to know that we are familiarizing the US with a great Dulce de Leche. To achieve this we work with food experts who have years of experience researching and developing Dulce de Leche and we use state of the art equipment to produce it.